Monday, January 24, 2011


Let me start off saying.. Epic. Weekend. Had the best time with friends the past few days. Few word answers to describe it..? Workout. Birthday Party. Dancing. 1 Mile. Music. Naked. 4 am. Aspen Coffee. Barefoot. Pictures. Amazing friends. To end my epic weekend, I figured i needed an epic blog post..

I have been in such a good mood lately. My petition to take excessive hours went through! I lost 4 pounds! i haven't skipped a single class! haha. It's just been a good week. I was driving to a friends house late the other night and the song Firework came on.. Now, I'm a loud singer in the car kinda girl. I really don't care that people stare at me. I'll most likely never see them again. Plus it is so much fun! So I turn it up and start belting out "Baby, you're a firework!" And the beat gets so good. So what do I do? Start fist pumping of course! The guy at the stoplight was laughing at me, but I could tell he was just jealous.

This weekend all the girls and I were sittin around having girl talk. We were talking about people that are getting married, and that slowly turned into talking about weddings, proposals, and the music we want as we're walking down the aisle. I instantly thought of this video I had seen. Now hear me out.. I'm not a cryer. I mean.. sometimes a certain movie will get me the first time I see it.. but other than that I'm pretty good about holding it in. UNTIL i saw this video. I have seen this video probably 7 times and I cry every time I watch it. WATCH THIS then read on--->  Two Pease in a Pod
Boys-- you wont cry. you'll think it's dumb. Girls-- grab your tissues. Now, let me explain why I cry when I watch this.. Most every girl, whether she wants to admit it or not, thinks about finding that one person to spend the rest of your life with on a regular basis. I'll admit it.. I do. I don't think about the wedding, or the honeymoon, or even the ring.. I think about standing in front of my man, looking in his eyes and realizing I am about to go on the best adventure of my life with my best friend. I think about watching football on the couch, dancing around, laughing during movies, cuddling, traveling to random places, having water gun fights, laying under the stars together, playing with our dogs, and most of all getting to sit across from each other every morning with a bowl of lucky charms and talk about life. Watching this video makes me hopeful. You can feel the happiness and love this couple share and it's beautiful. One day, I'll have that. One day, someone will pursue me and show me that all I had to do was wait for the perfect timing. As Katy Perry says.. "I finally found you. My missing puzzle piece. I'm complete."  Perfect Timing Song. <-- great song to listen to regarding this part of the post.

After talking to one of my best friends till 4 am the other night, I started realizing a lot about myself regarding relationships. Both serious relationships I have been it, just kinda happened. There was no "dating" period. I realized I liked them and would go after them. My friend helped me realize that since I've never been pursued, It's natural for me to think I'm supposed to chase after a guy. Even though I might see how perfect we would be, and how badly I wish he would give us a chance. That's not my call. So when he sees what he is missing, then I guess he will chase me. To all my friends that this applies to, I know a lot of us have been dealing with this lately.. Just remember if a guy (no matter how perfect he is) isn't going to chase you then you can do better. 

So at 3 am last night I was in a friend's bed... wait let me correct that.. I was in the World's. Most. Comfortable. Bed. last night watching Season 6 Finale of Grey's Anatomy. It was intense, but the main character said something so profound and simple that I just had to write about it. "Human life is made up of choices. To live or to die is the important choice." Although they were talking more literal, I couldn't help but think about that saying. We waste so much time doing absolutely nothing with our lives. We wait for the perfect moment, and then watch it go out the window because we're too scared. I want to live. like REALLY live. I want to get to the end of my life and know that I took chances and never was too scared to experience something incredible.

Quote- "Don't let the imaginary person in your head keep you from loving the real one right in front of you."
Confession- The fact that everyone except you knows.. make me laugh. oh boy if only you knew..
Song of the day- Teenage Dream- Katy Perry "My heart stops when you look at me. Just one touch now baby I believe. This is real, so take a chance and don't ever look back."


  1. This is so good! I am so glad that my bed is deemed the comfiest bed in the world!!! YESSS!!! :) this really is such an epic post. YOU'RE SO WISE!!

  2. love this post.
    loved this past weekend.
    LOVE Love love taylers bed.
    love the confession. hahaha!
    love YOU always!