Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Live Life to the Fullest.

Q. What do I want to do before I die?

A. Live life to the fullest.

I want to wake up and make the most of the time I'm given. I don't want to spend the rest of my life sitting in an office dreading my job. I want to create, explore, travel, laugh, love..

Every time I end up sharing some of my dreams and goals with people they always find it really random.. which I think is funny, because when you think about it.. everyone has some crazy goal that they are afraid to say out loud for fear that people will laugh about it or judge them on it. Well, I could care less haha.. so here it goes

CREATE- I love to write. So it only makes sense that since this is such a huge passion of mine, that two of my goals would have to do with writing. The first is to write a book and have it published by the time I'm 25.. and yes I've started the book. (currently having writers bloc). The second is to get my masters in Screenwriting. I'm a huge movie buff, and just the idea of being able to create scripts for movies.. straight up fascinates me. 

EXPLORE- I want to explore different aspects of life. I want to learn to surf. I want to dance in front of people. Do karaoke. Sing loudly in a crowded place, just because I can. I want to have pictures published in a magazine. (taken by me, not of me.) I want make someone's life better. I want to learn to snowboard. I want to learn how to eat salad without gagging. I want to rock climb ALL the time. I want to be completely fearless. 

TRAVEL- I've been to a bunch of places, but traveling is my life. I love it. I want to travel to random places.. learn about different cultures, make friends, eat weird food, but most importantly help others. I mean why not ya know?

LAUGH- If you know me or are around me enough, you'll know that I laugh 85% of the time.. and I love to make people laugh 100% of the time. It's the best medicine. Seriously. I definitely know how to be serious when the time is right, but laughing is my favorite thing to do. It makes me happy. 

LOVE- I want to love with my whole heart. Not only my friends, my job, my family, my life.. but that one special person that I have yet to find. I want to jump when the time is right. I don't want to hold myself back from something that could be exactly what I need. I want to trust someone with my life. I want to wake up every morning with a smile on my face and know that I'm secure.. and its actually right this time. 

I love being spontaneous and fearless (if you couldn't tell from my blog title). Why not get up and doing something spontaneous RIGHT THIS SECOND. WHY NOT?

So I definitely think everyone should reevaluate their life.. If you aren't happy.. Change it. There is no time for negativity. 

"You only live once, and if you do it right, once is enough."

P.S.-- I've decided that on every post, I will confess something, even if it's stupid, funny, lame, or weird..

Confession-- I hate peas.


  1. i love you, your laugh, your humor, & your boldness, jillybox! :)

  2. WEll thanks! That means a lot! I LOVE YOU MORE!