Monday, December 27, 2010

Romeo & Juliet

*It's long, but worth the read. :)

     Here we are.. just 5 days away from 2011. I have thought a lot lately about this coming year. It's strange but i literally have most of the year planned out already. That is what I get for being such a planner. There are just so many weddings and events I have to plan around, so I have to start now.
     I have watched a lot of movies lately, and even though I would pick a thriller or comedy over a love story any day.. It seems every movie I have watched lately has been a love story. Since this is my blog and i can pretty much say whatever I want.. I guess I'll just be honest.. With the year I've had.. Watching romantic movies is the last thing I want to do. 

BUT-- I have learned a WHOLE LOT not just from the year 2010, but from the movies I have watched over the past several months. i get into movies, like REALLY get into them. There is just something about watching a movie and feeling like you are watching a person's life. You laugh with them, cry with them, and most of all you relate to them. The story in a movie might not be real, but a lot of the times, the situations the characters are in are real. 

Isn't it amazing how a character can experience a crazy amount of pain and feel like they will never be happy again, and then someone walks into their life and changes everything? Shows them that not everyone is the same. That they can find happiness again. and most of all that love is not worth giving up on. You see a character lose a husband/girlfriend/loved one to all kinds of things. Sometimes sickness, sometimes to another person.. yet does the movie ever end there? No. In a romantic movie (unless the ending is supposed to suck) the heartbroken person always bumps into someone that is going to change everything for them. I mean come on people.. we are talking about Love here. It's beautiful. You can watch a romantic movie and walk out saying "I wish I had that", "That would never happen in real life", or you can start thinking, "I'll have that someday." 

Speaking of movies, I watched one tonight.. and it was all about a girl who had everything but took it all for granted. She had the power from stepping on people to get where she wanted, the money from working 24/7 and ignoring everyone that mattered, and the boyfriend who could care less about her and she thought life was perfect. Until she ran into her ex boyfriend and realized that there was a nice, genuine guy who truly loves her. but current Boyfriend cheated on her then proposed and she said yes because with him came a "safe" (and rich) future. FINALLY she realized that Love isn't about money, or power.. it's about spending the rest of your life with someone that gives you butterflies and makes you laugh.. Happily ever after. the end. << It was actually a good movie..

I say all this to say.. I've been so bitter in the past and so hurt by previous relationships and when you feel like there's no point.. you give up or you settle. and every romantic movie I watch.. I don't think "Man, I wish i had that", It just makes me excited to "bump into" my future one day. and in the mean time, I'm done being bitter and upset.. I have an awesome life and a bright future and when that day comes to meet prince charming.. I'll be nothing but excited that i chose not to give up when God has been sitting up there all along just telling me to be patient. Don't. Give. Up. and Don't be scared. Be fearless and when the right love is in front of you, don't be afraid to jump. Because the right guy is going to catch you.

"Somewhere between heartaches and waiting, comes the chance to be found by someone who can show you that you don't have to be just an option, but the ONLY choice."

Confession- I waited too long to realize i deserve better, but tomorrow's a new day.. and i refuse to let you ruin me... or my heart. 

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